Try This at Home

An interest in geology often starts after finding a curious stone upon a beach.  But the stone’s beauty fades as the stone dries out. This fun 2 part tutorial leads the absolute beginner through the process of polishing a stone using nothing more than sandpaper, water and time! Learn how the art of lapidary reveals the science of geology. 

Lapidary 101 – Thyme on your hands?  :  Episode 1/2

Now that you’ve decided to put that time on your hands to good use – where will your pebble polishing lead to?

Lapidary 101 – Beyond The Lick!  :  Episode 2/2

But what about Circus Tricks?

OK, so there’s a few circus tricks up these sleeves. 

Do you want to learn tricks around the home with everyday objects? Check out these fun things to do! 

Made for Mini Magic kids club as a 2020 learn-from-home digital lesson. 

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