Greatest Show Unearthed

Duo Circus Theatre Show

50 Mins duration

Available as a stage production, floor show or within ‘The Rock Showman’s Booth’.

The Greatest Show Unearthed tells the 4.56billion year journey of planet Earth from it’s original ‘Earthday’

Using the analogy of a 100 year old-lady, audiences track Earth’s remarkable story of life! From water delivered by comets (age 3-7), to the arrival single celled organisms (age 10), to rusting oceans (age 40) and an explosion of diverse life (age 83) and right up to some really large creatures that got wiped out when a Big Pork Pie slammed into Earth from outer space at age 98!

What a journey!

It could only be more exciting with real life dinosaurs!

The Rock Showman holds a 'rock record' with the gramophone in the background. A comedy scene from The Greatest Show Unearthed

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