Fossil Safaris & Geoheritage Adventure Guide

For that unique outdoor activity – join The Rock Showman on a Yorkshire Coast Fossil Safaris!


Combining coastal rock platform walking with geology lesson, activities are tailored to suit individuals, school classes and family groups. Not only will you find fossils, but you’ll learn stories of the ancient Earth by observing geological features within the landscape. All activities are risk assessed and ensure safety within an adventurous environment. 

Private Hire itineraries are available anytime in up to 12 Yorkshire Coast locations. Scheduled public tours on the Yorkshire Coast are delivered in partnership with the professional palaeontology team of Natural Wonders in Whitby – See all dates and Tickets HERE. All tours combine finding with learning and promote responsible collecting.

Steve also runs private hire sessions for individuals or groups across North East England including The North Pennines, North Tyneside & Northumberland. Enquiries to work with media outlets is welcomed.

School events are also tailored to specific locations & can combine outdoor exploration with indoor activities.






Yorkshire Fossil Hunting Tour

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